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Reinvent Yourself:
Discover the Rewards of Joining Bankruptcy Court Secrets
Buy Properties for Pennies on the Dollar


This secret allows investors to purchase real estate for as little as 3% of the current market value.


Understand the Secrets and Loopholes in the Court Process


Manny and JT Singh are not your typical "Real Estate Gurus," they are practicing federal bankruptcy attorneys.

Learn to Easily Profit from the Inefficiencies in the System


Why waste time and money trying to learn real estate investing the same old way that its been taught for generations. Learn something that your average real estate investor does not know.

Low Risk and Low Barrier to Entry


We are not talking about huge sums of money where you need to take out hard money loans. We can often buy property at four figure prices.

Dicover the Limitless Opportunities


Buying properties from bankruptcy is an untapped market with virtually no competition in most cities.

You can use our System to Make Money from Home


There are inefficiencies in the system that allow you to make money from home. No need to leave your desk. Bankruptcy allows for tremendous opportunity without all the running around.

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